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Are you getting interviews, but no job offers?

Are you passed up for promotions?

Do you clearly convey the real value you offer to employers in a compelling way?

Do you struggle with translating your skills for a different job?

Whatever your situation, I can guide your career journey and help you
stand out from the crowd.

"If you’ve found yourself in career transition, I highly recommend working with Karen to improve your search efforts.

She helped me develop fresh and targeted messaging about my skills and experience. Karen is smart, responsive, and a true pro!"

-- J.J., General Manager

Your resume, your LinkedIn profile, your online persona — all are competing for attention from prospective hiring managers. So how do you stand out? By maximizing what you have to offer.

We all tend to diminish what we've done and the value we provide.  We struggle with even recognizing all we've accomplished and conveying the real impact of those achievements out of fear of sounding boastful.

That's where an objective outsider comes in. Clients appreciate how I can look at their experience from different perspectives and draw much more from it. They also value how I translate their skills and successes into a compelling narrative, using my Fortunate 500 branding experience.

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Whether you're seeking greater responsibility, a lateral move, or career change -- or need to find a job quickly, I can help.

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