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Personal Branding & Job Search Coach

Personal Branding & Job Search Coach



People tend to minimize what they've done and the value they offer. They also often struggle with describing the magnitude or impact of those achievements.


One of my strengths is in helping clients draw much more from their experiences and convey it in a way that's more compelling, differentiating -- across all key verbal and written communications.


Resume Creation. Effectively showcasing your

   core expertise and highlighting successes (vs. just

   responsibilities) to boost your credibility.


LinkedIn Profile Creation. Showcasing your

   expertise vs. job title and bringing out your

   personality to better engage with readers and

   cultivate relationships.


Interview Prep. Identifying interviewers'

   priorities, framing your experience, and positioning

   responses to put you in the best light. Includes

   mock interviewing and a very effective way to

   answer the all-important question, "Tell me about



Performance Appraisal Prep. More effectively

   framing your accomplishments to support your

   career goals.


Cover Letter & Thank You Letters. Making every

   contact point count, including appropriate timing

   for follow-up.

Strategic Positioning

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A key resource for your job search is LinkedIn expert and author Wayne Breitbarth. Click here to find a complete list of Wayne's LinkedIn training seminars and many other free resources.  

Valuable LinkedIn Resources

In addition to providing guidance and serving as a sounding board on many issues, I often help clients in these key areas:


Career Options Assessment that includes a gap

   analysis to determine the most viable option/s so

   you make smart use of your time and not dilute

   your efforts.


Networking Strategy to estabish goals and identify

   who to connect with and how to approach, including

   guidance on using LinkedIn.


Personal Marketing Plan to promote your brand

   and unique promise of value to senior management

   or other key decision-makers -- or potential



Job Creation Strategies to help identify needs and

   opportunities and define/propose a new role.


Group coaching also available.

Personalized Coaching