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Personal Branding & Job Search Coach

Personal Branding & Job Search Coach



Looking for a new job can be daunting, overwhelming, even depressing. Karen understands. Working with Karen, you will:


•  Receive structured support, compassion and

   understanding, from someone who has been there


•  Identify your unique gifts and boost your confidence


•  Learn how to express and promote the value you offer


•  Stay motivated and on track

Whether you need a job, hate your current job, or simply want to advance your career, Karen can help you conduct a more effective search.


•  Do you apply for jobs, but rarely get a response?


•  Are you uncomfortable approaching people to network?


•  Are you getting interviews, but no job offers?


•  Do you keep running into the same brick wall?

Providing direction and

motivation for professionals in transition

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A client asked if she should apply for a job if she didn't meet all the requirements.


Job descriptions can be initimidating, but they often reflect an "ideal" situation. No one is expected to meet 100 percent of the ...   More  

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Accelerate and Amplify Your Search

"It was the resume you wrote that got me the interview that led to my new job. My new boss told me my resume was picked by a group of three managers from more than 300 applicants. . . . "

                        - David R., Case Manager

                        - Jeff S., Safety and Quality Manager

"Karen did a great job giving my resume a much needed overhaul. . . .I was lucky enough to procure a new job within less than a month. . . .I have no doubt that Karen's resume revamp played a significant part in that . . ."